Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you?

We are located  at 158 East Main Street in Colquitt, GA. Colquitt is Georgia’s First Mural City. Click here for more information on our murals.


Colquitt, GA is a town of around 6,000 people in the Southwest corner of GA. We are about one hour from Tallahassee, FL, one hour from Albany, GA and one hour from Dothan, AL. Click here for a map of our fair city.

I would love to bring Swamp Gravy to my hometown. Do you tour?

We can tour anywhere. We’ve toured many places in the U.S. as well as South America. We can tour the current production, which will require 35-40 cast member plus crew, or we have a special production just for touring, which strives to keep the flavor of Swamp Gravy while utilizing 15-20 performers. If you are interested in more information such as prices, please contact Kate Willis at

Do you sell DVDs of Swamp Gravy productions?

Historically, we have not created nor sold DVDs of our productions, believing them to be best enjoyed in Cotton Hall Theater. If that changes in the future, the news will appear here on the website – stay tuned!

Do you sell CDs of Swamp Gravy music?

We currently have available selections of Swamp Gravy favorites from 1992-2003, and we hope to have newer songs on the way soon! You can purchase CDs at our souvenir shop in Cotton Hall, at Market On The Square in Colquitt, on iTunes, or on

Are you on Facebook?

You bet we are! Please follow us here for exclusive updates, photos, videos, and other fun tidbits.

Are you on YouTube?

We’re all over YouTube as well. You can subscribe to our YouTube channel here. We post interviews from cast members, as well as scenes from some of our favorite shows from the past.

I want to talk to a real person! Why is no one answering the phone?

It’s a difficult time to be in the arts world! Since the economic downturn, we only have one full-time staff member  and 2 part time staff members at the CMAC offices in Cotton Hall, to fulfill the duties once taken care of by seven full-time staff members. We love speaking with you, but we may not be available. We appreciate your patience.

When is the best time to call and talk to someone?

We make a concentrated effort to accept and return calls on Thursdays between 10 am and 4 PM EST. If you happen to miss us during this time, please keep trying.

If I do get through, whom should I speak to?

For group tickets, touring enquiries, questions about becoming a volunteer or Cotton Hall rental questions, you should talk to Kate Willis, our Production Manager (her extension is 106).

For administrative-related questions, please speak with Debra Atkinson, our Administrative Director (her extension is 102)

TICKET Questions

I already purchased tickets, but found out I can’t come that weekend after all. What can I do?

In accordance with our ticket policy, we do not offer refunds. However, if there is another weekend that would work better for you, please call Kate at 229-758-5450 ext. 106 to see if we can set up an exchange.

I have a group of 15 people. Do I qualify for a group rate?

Group rates for Swamp Gravy begin at groups of 20 people. May-Haw and Youth productions do not have group rates at this time. To book a group of 20 or more at the group rate, please call Kate at 229-758-5450 ext 106. All other tickets may be purchased online or by calling 1-800-514-3849.

I’ve purchased group tickets, but several people in my group can’t come after all. What can I do?

In accordance with our ticket policy, we do not offer refunds. However, if you bring the tickets to the box office, we can attempt to resell them for you. If we are successful, we will gladly credit the price of those tickets back to you. Please note that resells of tickets won’t occur until all other regular seats have been sold.

I’m trying to get a group together, but I don’t know for sure how many people I will have. What should I do?

Call Kate at 229-758-5450 ext 106 to set up a group reservation. She will go ahead and reserve the number of seats you think you’ll need for the performance you wish to attend, and you will have until 45 days before the performance to add seats, remove seats, make your final payment, or cancel altogether. Please reserve early to be sure you can get the best possible seats for your party. The 2pm Saturday matinees fill up especially quickly.

In the event your group falls below the 20 people required for the group rate of $23.50, you will be charged the regular rate of $26.56 for the remaining tickets purchased.

The price written on my ticket does not match what I actually had to pay for it. Why not?

The price listed on the tickets is the base price of the ticket, minus sales tax and the fees Etix charges for their cost of doing business. The base prices for tickets are as follows:

SWAMP GRAVY: $22 for regular admission, $20 for groups

MAY-HAW: $12 for everyone, regardless of group size

YOUTH THEATER: $10 for adults, $5 for students

So add to that taxes and fees, you get the final price you paid. We advertise the prices with the fees included, so that our patrons aren’t surprised by their total.

I don’t like having to go through Etix. It was so much better before!

When we had to make staffing cutbacks, online ticketing seemed the best way to go to ensure that our patrons could purchase tickets on their schedule, without overtaxing our greatly-reduced workforce. We did a lot of research to find a company with low fees, who could provide both online ticketing as well as the support of a call center for those patrons who prefer to speak with a person rather than go online. Etix was a good fit for our needs, and we’re always looking to make ticket-purchasing a more pleasant experience.

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