Group Tickets On Sale Now For Swamp Gravy

July is a very exciting time for us here at the Colquitt Miller Arts Council, because we are in the final stages of preparing for our brand new season of Swamp Gravy. This season, we are very proud to present Swamp Gravy: Home, a brand new production written by Will Murdock and directed by Katherine A. Willis. The stories in Home remind us that our home is more than just a place: a young woman spends her childhood being shifted from place to place, longing for a home she discovers wasn’t as far away as she always thought; as memories begin to fade and become confused, a couple finds home in the commitment they make to one another; the lessons a woman learns from her artist father inspire the way she views the world; a new girlfriend meets her boyfriend’s family for the first time, and learns keeping house means different things to different people; hilarity ensues when a directionally challenged young man takes a new job. These are just a few of the stories in this edition of Swamp Gravy, which will bring tears to your eyes, laughter from your belly, and remind you of Home.

We are now taking group reservations for both the October 2016 and the March 2017 runs of Swamp Gravy: Home. Making a group reservation now gives you the comfort of knowing that you have the seats you need reserved, with the flexibility of being able to generate interest and collect money from your group members before you pay.

This fall, performances of Swamp Gravy: Home are September 30th, October 1, 7, 8, 14, 15, 21, & 22. In March, performances are March 3, 4, 10, 11, 17, 18, 24, & 25. Showings are Fridays at 7:30, and Saturdays at 2:00 and 5:30. All times are Eastern.

Tips and reminders as you make your reservations:

  • The earlier you make your reservation, the better your seats will be!
  • Let us know when you make your reservation if you need handicap accessible seating. We have limited accessible seating, and can’t often make space in the section day of. If your group member can climb one or two stairs, or even a few with help, we can get them seated in our regular seating.
  • You can make any changes you need to for your order before your payment is made. Please remember that if your group falls below 20 members, ticket price goes up to $22, and you will no longer be eligible for a complimentary ticket. (Group reservations receive 1 complimentary ticket for every 20 group members). After payment is made, you can add tickets to your order, but we do have a no refund policy on cancelled tickets.
  • Ticket payments are due in full 6 weeks before your selected performance, and we suggest having your group members turn in their money by the Sunday before your due date. Due dates are as follows:
    1. Sept 30/Oct 1 performances – payment due August 19th
    2. October 7/8 performances – payment due August 26th
    3. October 14/15 performances – payment due September 2nd
    4. October 21/22 performances – payment due September 9th.
    5. March 3rd/4th 2017 Performances – payment due January 20, 2017
    6. March 10/11 performances – Payment due January 27th, 2017
    7. March 17/18 performances – payment due February 3rd, 2017
    8. March 24/25 performances – payment due February 10th, 2017
  • Ticket orders that have not been confirmed and paid by their due date are subject to cancellation, unless special arrangements have been made.
  • There’s more to do in Colquitt than just the show! Schedule a mural tour for $5 per person (we can either put a tour guide on your bus, take you on a walking tour, or we have a handicap accessible tram that seats 12-14 adults comfortably.) Mural Tours last about an hour. Make plans to eat at one of our local restaurants, like the Tarrer Inn (229-758-2888) or Moby Dick (229-758-8141). Make sure you schedule time to visit our shops on the square, too!


Our office number is 229-758-5450. Please don’t hesitate to call if you have any questions! Our office is typically open Monday-Friday from 9AM – 5PM, unless show needs have us elsewhere. If you don’t get us immediately, don’t forget to leave a message! We may be on the other line, or in another part of the building.


We can’t wait to see you in Colquitt this season! We’ve got other events going on as well, such as our popular Christmas production, May-Haw Christmas (tickets for which are also on sale now). Make sure you visit often, sign up for our email list, and follow us on Facebook ( to stay up to date on all upcoming events.