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  1. We need to rearrange this week just a bit to get caught up. The updated schedule is below. We will call it the RED SCHEDULE. Parents, I need you to make sure your kids are working on lines and lyrics and dances at home. The play won’t happen without work outside of the building, too!
  2. We still need 15 caps/ baseball caps to build upon. It does not matter what they look like as they will be spray painted. Need full fabric cap without MESH back.
  3. Don’t forget to use the TWO free tickets each cast member receives. Just tell Krista which cast member’s tickets you are using.
  4. No More FLIP FLOPS in rehearsal. Everyone needs to be wearing full closed toed shoes or sneakers. They prevent the kids from being able to dance.
  5. For the next two weeks, we are going to ask parents not to come into the theater. If we have a particularly successful night, we might invite you in to see a song or two.
  6. We need parental help in the lobby and sewing room, particularly starting on Tuesday. Moving stuff our of the way, cutting fabric, painting, etc.
  7. We have sign up sheets at the backdoor for show day needs helping wrangle cast.
  8. If you cannot work in dressing rooms, call Krista about ushering or concessions at 1-229-758-5450.
  9. We need help putting up posters. They are on the concession stand.
  10. New RED schedules are on the concession stand, too.


  1. LAGOON ANIMALS- Will need a pair of black leather-look shoes. Could be flats, dress shoes, Mary Janes. This is just the simplest shoe for uniformity. If you have an old pair of flats that could be spray painted, that is fine, too.
  2. SAILORS/ GULLS- Will need a pair of black or Brown dress shoes or lace up look boots. For Princess Costumes, whatever look of flats you might have that will not stand out with your dress. If dress, covers shoes, any shoe will work. No heels.
  3. MERSISTERS- We need to talk shoes, asap. They will show, so lets put our heads together about whether it’s easier to match your costume or each other.


Please do not share these videos outside of the cast, as they are very raw.

A Stone’s Throw

A Stone’s Throw Rehearsal Videos

Below are the rehearsal videos. Please do not share as these are our very roughest attempts! Others will be added as they are uploaded:

Something Bout A River NEW:

Moonshiners 1: Faincy

Moonshiners 2: In Plain Sight

Moonshiners 3: Buried Sugar

Marry You One Day

Not Alone 1: Denial

Not Alone 2: Anger

Not Alone 3: Bargaining

Hide the Shine Music

Drop in the Water

Skinny Dippin’ Scene



Skinny DippinSong

Get Good

Good Old Days