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Darling cast,

Thank you so much for your auditions and your patience. I know how vulnerable it makes you—to stand in front of someone and give it your all like you all did. I know I can’t really express to you how hard-fought this cast list was on my side of the table, but please know that very few of the decisions were easy. I know that to dedicate the amount of time require to do this show is a big ask, but I’m hopeful that you will all be able to join us for this production. Please let me know by Friday if you plan to accept your role.

The thing I’m most proud of about this show’s audition process was how supportive you all were of one another—during the ladies’ callbacks, I teared up at how lovely you were to one another. I hope we will be able to recreate that spirit in the rehearsal room.

In terms of ensemble roles, you will see you are divided into four groups—Islanders, Wedding Guests, Bachelors, and Bachelorettes. These are divisions I’ve made to better help me place you, and may not be listed in the script in the same way. At the first rehearsal, I will use these groupings to better tell you which songs you will be a part of. Many of the songs will utilize all of the groups.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving of your time thus far as we start the journey of Mamma Mia! Here we go—again!



P.S. Our first rehearsal will be March 25 at 6:00PM for scripts and the like. Please plan to attend.


Mamma Mia Cast List 2019

  • Sophie– Shelby Lane
  • Ali– Kirstyn Green
  • Lisa– Reagan Bellflower
  • Donna– Debbie Sloan
  • Tanya– Bridget Edison
  • Rosie– Vicki Phillips
  • Sky– Christian Reichard
  • Pepper– John Stewart
  • Eddie– Sam Askew
  • Harry– Richard Ward
  • Bill– Sam Edison
  • Sam– Hal Still
  • Father Alexandrios– Todd Thornton



Jessica Reichard

Michelle Still

Cathy Green

Cindy Summerlin

Hailey Dunnigan

Jennifer Roland

Tammy Lowe

Betty Murdock


Wedding Guests:

Breanna Crozier

Hailey Dykes

Haley Davis

Hope Kent

Jasmine Watson

Judy Jordan

Lydia Burch

Selena Chapman

Susie Shingler

Beverly Daniels



Savanna Davis

Amaria Williams

Amelia Harrell

Anaja Mitchell

Jacklyn Hill

Jaycie Johnson



Collin Cowart

Dylan Clenney

Jackson Green

Talvin Daniels

Will Murdock

Zavian Baker


Dancing Queen Bow Solos:

Jessica Reichard

Michelle Still

Jennifer Roland

Tammy Lowe

Cathy Green

Cindy Summerland


Stage Manager:

Skylar Kent



Daniel Edison


Lighting Asst:

Jonathan Phillips


Dance Captains:

Jaycie Johnson

Reagan Bellflower