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Hi guys,
Thank you all so much for auditioning for Camp Murder. I am not exaggerating in the least when I say that we thought everyone had one of their best auditions to date. This was excruciatingly hard. (We need more Murder Mystery parts for our wonderful ladies!)

Thank you all so much for your time and patience. We will be announcing our preliminary auditions soon for A Southern Christmas Carol and hope to see you there!

Will & Collin


Georgette– Evie Slaughenhoup
Summer– Savanna Davis
Cliff– Christian Reichard
Frankie– Reid Washington
Evadeen– Brook Phillips
Fannie Mable– Abigail Phillips
Rita– Vicki Phillips
Earnest– Ben Sasser
Petey– Todd Thornton
Mysterious Figure (Non-Speaking)- Skylar Kent

Lights & Sound– Daniel Edison
Prompter– Reagan Bellflower
Hair & Makeup Design– Shelby Lane

When we begin filling usher slots, we will reach out to those of you who auditioned who may still want to be involved. Thank you all so much!

Cast, you may pick up scripts anytime between now and rehearsal, just keep in mind that some lines may change in the room.


Hi everyone, 

Thank you for your patience as we navigate this current situation. As I’m sure you have been able to guess, we will not be able to perform Legally Blonde or Frozen, Jr. as planned.

We intentionally waited as long as we could to see if we might be able to reschedule for later this summer, but it’s clear now that we won’t be able to proceed as normal just yet.

We are currently negotiating with MTI to see when we may be able to reschedule the performance—with the likely possibility being 2021. We will likely re-audition for Legally Blonde, with the acknowledgement that most people will stay in the same role unless circumstances change or you are needed elsewhere more. (I know that’s not the MOST reassuring news to many of you, but it’s honest.) We will lose some cast members to college and scheduling commitments, so things may need to change, and I want to be upfront about that. 

We have a couple of versions of what our calendar might look like for July, and August, but we are still playing a waiting game to see what will be the safest time and place to put on a show!

I will continue to post info here about the Summer Show, Murder Mystery, and Southern Christmas Carol here. So keep checking back.

Hope to see you all soon,



New Festival Location will be the
Bill Reynolds Sports Park at 1100 Cox Ave., Bainbridge GA 39817.

Riverdays Bainbridge Performance

Rehearsal: Thursday, March 12, 2020- 6:00-8:30 at InterACT (We will try to be fast and efficient and get out ASAP.)
Performance: Sunday, March 15, 2020- Call Time 1:30 PM, Showtime 2:30 PM

SONG: “The Storytelling Song”
Better than Chicken
Two Ears
SONG: “Did Ya Hear?”
Five Bridges Road
Kitchen Secrets
SONG: “Super Secret Recipe”
Dirty Dishing
SONG: “Dirty Laundry”
Raise a Glass
Momma’s Bible
SONG: “Amazing Grace”
SONG: “That’s All That Matters”
SONG: “The Storytelling Song: Reprise”


If your name is supposed to be added to this list


If you can no longer go, please let me know tonight, so that I can give them an accurate number for food.

  1. Zavian Baker
  2. Reagan Bellflower
  3. Nan Stuart
  4. Mike Stuart
  5. Crystal Crozier
  6. Louanna Crozier
  7. Peggy Sue Crozier
  8. Savanna Davis
  9. Hailey Dunnigan
  10. Bridget Edison
  11. Ava Edison
  12. Tammy Lowe
  13. Shelby Lane
  14. Brook Phillips
  15. Jonathan Phillips
  16. Vicki Phillips
  17. Jennifer Roland
  18. William Shippee
  19. Todd Thornton
  20. John Turner
  21. Vanita Turner
  22. Alida Ward
  23. Richard Ward
  24. Cam Washington
  25. Jess Washington
  26. Reid Washington
  27. Ryan Washington
  28. Julie Washington
  29. Harlieanne Williams
  30. Theresa White
  31. Zhyniah Baker
  32. Sherry Henley



SONG: “The Storytelling Song”

Solo 1: Debbie Sloan

Solo 2: Vicki Phillips

Solo 3: Collin Cowart

Thief: Theresa White

Saint: Crystal Crozier

Indian Chief: Lydia Burch

Can to Can’t: Nan Stuart

Two Ears

Blythe: Jennifer Roland

Edward: Richard Ward

Miss Mildred: Tammy Lowe

Jean Louise: Ava Edison

George: William Shippee

Slick: Mickey White

Butch: Mike Stuart

Woman 1: Theresa White

SONG: “Did Ya Hear?”

Kids & Teens

Five Bridges Road

Lisa: Shelby Lane

Susan: Peggy Sue

Charlie: Zavian Baker

Garrett: Bennett Johnson

Headless: Richard Ward

Kitchen Secrets

Mama: Vanita Turner

Daddy: John Turner

Maureen: Anna Ryan Clements

Bo: Jonathan Phillips

Moe: Collin Cowart

SONG: “Super Secret Recipe”

Verse 2: Bridget Edison

Verse 3: Tammy Lowe

Dirty Dishing

Opal: Vicki Phillips

Bette: Nan Stuart

Mama: Alida Ward

SONG: “Dirty Laundry”

Solo: Reagan Bellflower

Raise a Glass

            Maryann: Brook Phillips

            Lizzie: Reagan Bellflower

            TJ: Jess Washington

            Harris: Collin Cowart

Better Than Chicken

            Ross: Will Murdock

            Pearline: Jennifer Roland

Mama’s Bible

            Charlotte Phillips

SONG: “Amazing Grace”

Solo: Debbie Sloan

SONG: “That’s All That Matters”

SONG: “The Storytelling Song: Reprise”


Hi all, below is the cast list for Legally Blonde. Thank you for your patience–we had a lot going on this week due to our largest yearly fundraiser and some unexpected personal emergencies.

Our first rehearsal will be March 16, 2020 at 6:00pm. I will send out more information on picking up scripts and such by March 1. Please fill out the for below to accept your role.

Thanks so much,


Elle Woods– Shelby Lane

Pilar– Zhynia Baker

Margot– Cami Kueckelhan

Serena– Jaycie Johnson

Kate– Reese Houston

Leilani– Peggy Sue

Sorority Girls– Selena Chapman, Amelia Harrell, Savanna Davis, Makasha Mato-Toyela

Saleswoman– Michelle Still 

 Store Manager– Bridget Edison

Warner Huntington III– Preston Johnson 

Waiter– Bennett Johnson

Violinist– Dylan Clenney

Grand Master Chad– Zavian Baker

Frat Boys– Dylan Clenney, Jonathan Phillips, Abraham Islas, Sam Askew, James Sorrell, Bennett Johnson

Elle’s Mom– Michelle Still

Elle’s Dad– Hal Still 

Winthrop– Richard Ward

Pforzheimer– Sam Edison

Lowell– Todd Thornton

Emmett Forrest– Collin Cowart

Aaron Schultz– Skylar Kent

Sundeep Padamadan– Zavian Baker

Enid Hoops– Vicki Phillips

Harvard Law Students/ Whitney Party Goers– Selena Chapman, Sam Askew, Dylan Clenney

Professor Callahan– Kier Klepzig

Vivienne Kensington– Reagan Bellflower

Paulette Buonofuonte– Brandy Atkins

Hair Affair Customers Scene 1- Hailey Dunnigan, Amelia Harrell

Whitney– Kaitlann Felch

Officer in Women’s Prison– Richard Ward

Brooke Wyndham– Livvy Suggs

Video People Dancers– Michelle Still, James Sorrell, Abraham Islas, Bridget Edison

Inmate Dancers– Bridget Edison, Michelle Still, Jaycie Johsnon, Reese Houston, Selena Chapman

Kyle B. O’Boyle– Sam Edison

H& H Salesgirl (Love)– Michelle Still

Second Perfume Girl (Subtext)– Bridget Edison

Department Store Employees– Crystal Crozier, Hal Still, Todd Thornton, Richard Ward

Bookish Client- Crystal Crozier

Kiki the Colorist at Hair Affair– Jonathan Phillips

Cashier at Hair Affair– Michelle Still

Paulette’s Guys (Bend and Snap)- Dylan Clenney, Abraham Islas, Sam Askew, James Sorrell, Bennett Johnson, Skylar Kent

Dewey– Todd Thornton

TV Reporter– Hal Still

Nikos Argitakos– Abraham Islas

Carlos– James Sorrell

Chutney Wyndham– Savanna Davis

Judge– Crystal Crozier

Court Stenographer– Richard Ward

D.A. Joyce Riley– Bridget Edison 

Bailiff– Richard Ward

Courtroom spectators and trial personnel– Hailey Dunnigan, Michelle Still, Haley Davis, Haley Dykes

Season Announcements!

Hi everyone, 

Last week, I hinted at some new shows coming our way in 2020, and I finally have the rights secured to make the announcement. Before we announce these titles publicly, I wanted to share them with you.

For all you May-Haw lovers, things are about to get FRIGHTFUL! This year, we will be venturing into my favorite holiday with A Hilariously Haunted May-Haw Halloween! We will do four performances on October 29th at 7:30, October 30th at 7:30, October 31st at 2:00, and November 1st at 2:00. 

            We plan to make this a fun and festive experience for the whole family to enjoy—with fun costumes, spiderwebs, and pumpkins galore! We will aim to have a show that is about an hour and forty-five minutes long, and will only have 10 song slots. We have already pre-selected the ten songs, and will announce them before our auditions JUNE 23, 2020. 

Costumes will be assigned, and we will help where we can, but as always May-Haw costumes are the actor’s responsibility. For this year’s May-Haw, there will be no speaking lines for actors under the age of 16. Young cast members are still welcome to be in costume as part of the ensemble with their parents.

            And Christmas this year will look a little different! Cotton Hall will be visited by three ghosts this Christmas season, as A Southern Christmas Carol returns to the stage. In this production, Ebenezer Scrooge’s classic tale is transported to rural Southwest Georgia with all the flavor and twang that goes along with it. Beloved in its initial run in Colquitt, this production of A Southern Christmas Carol will feature an all-new cast and design that is sure to leave an indelible impression on your heart—and leave you feeling warm and fuzzy throughout the holidays. 

            We will likely be hiring a small number of professional actors to take the stage alongside our local talent. The cast size of this production is still up in the air as we consider the artistic vision and budgetary constraints, so auditions for this performance will be a little unusual. We will begin with a preliminary audition in the near future to determine interest from the cast, and to see how folks can best be utilized. These auditions will not result in a cast list, as there will then be a search for our professional actors. 

            Many of you will remember the warmth of the 2003, 2004, and 2005 productions of A Southern Christmas Carol, but for those of you who didn’t have the pleasure of seeing the premiere production, I cannot wait for you to experience this version of Scrooge’s story. It is a smart, lovely, and heartwarming adaptation that is truly one of my favorites.  

You will begin to see announcements for these shows popping up in your Facebook feeds, and we hope you will help us in spreading the excitement. There is still more news to come, but for now, we hope you are as excited as we are for all that this new year will hold. 

Right inside the front door of Cotton Hall a brick reads, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” Our vision for 2020 is clear, and you guys will be a huge part in making that vision a reality. 

With thanks and gratitude,