Cast Info

Hey there Cast,

This performance is going to be very special for all of us, whether we have twenty people in the audience or our seats are overflowing. We will fit as many people as possible in the theater if we have them, and will be able to feed even more.

Please let your family’s know that they are more than welcome to join us, but we ask that they hang back in terms of being seated for the show, if possible, because they are familiar enough with our performances to be flexible in terms of where we can sit them. (For instance, Crystal Norton Williams is someone who we could seat in the pit if we needed to and wouldn’t trip any of y’all.) If we can get them in a normal seat, even better!

In terms of casting, I know everyone wants to do their part, so let me explain my process, so that you can understand how the list looks like it does:

My first objective was to get as many people into speaking parts as possible. There are only a few people doing more than one thing, and it is simply because their double(s) will not be here. As most of our audience will be from the immediate area, I tried to fill roles where I could with a Colquitt face. If neither double was from the area, or both were, I gave the role to the cast member that had been in the show the longest.

This is all to say, I didn’t slap these names down Willie-Nillie. I tried my best to get everyone in a role. Please check the list to see if I need you to fill a role you’ve never done before.


Calltime- 1:00pm

Come dressed. The back dressing area is not going to be as functional as normal. Try to have hair done if possible. If you are still in need of power and water, don’t hesitate to text me. We have a shower (not the greatest) and you can bring your blow dryer, curling iron, etc.

At 1:00:
1. Check props.
2. Check costume pieces you change into.
3. Football team/ Jaycie- Run Lift.
4. Sam and Kirstyn- Run slow-motion tackle in pads.
5. Check on each other.

At 1:15:
2. We’ll talk through our plan. Adjust where we need. And say a prayer.

At 1:30:
1. We start a speed through. We will go through all songs as normal. We will go through scenes and all lines as fast as possible without costume changes and props. If there are scenes that have technical issues that we need to rehearse, we will do those like normal (Ex: Curls and Clarinets costume change.)

We eat. Bring a t-shirt/ Button Down to cover your costume if needed. We need to be done and in the theater at 3:45 to circle with Fire Chief and City Manager.

Circle- This is where time will start to creep up on us.

We open back door to community. We will need all hands on deck to get people in, fed, seated.

As close as we can to 5:00, we will start the show. Cory Thomas will speak beforehand. Then we KICKOFF!

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