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BROOKE PHILLIPS (Shelby) Brooke Phillips is the 17 year old daughter of Dr. Dave and Kelly Phillips. She is a senior at Grace Christian academy and has many hobbies such as painting, reading, soccer, and cheerleading. She has been in productions such as The Sound of Music, Into the Woods, and Legally Blonde at the Bainbridge Little Theater. Steel Magnolias will be her fourth production at Cotton Hall along with The Wizard of Oz, Sussical, and The Little Mermaid. She would like to thank Miss Debbie and the amazing cast for their support and encouragement. They truly represent the essence of Steel Magnolias. Brooke is thrilled to be playing such a strong, determined, and emotionally complex young woman who has been an inspiration to her since she was thirteen years old. After all, like Shelby, pink is her signature color.

VICKI PHILLIPS (Ouiser) Vicki loves the life of retirement with her husband Wallace, granddaughter Reagan, and their two fur babies, Sadie and Ranger. Her hobbies include performing in various productions at Cotton Hall. This is her second time portraying Ouiser in the Southern classic Steel Magnolias.

Nuthin’ but a will cast, Pt. 1

Please be sure to read both Nuthin’ But a Will sections, Pt. 1 & 2

Hey y’all!

I know you are anxiously awaiting more news about our first rehearsal for Nuthin’ But A Will. I am thrilled to say we had a great turnout for Swamp Gravy: Nuthin’ But A Will auditions and cannot wait to put on the show. Unfortunately, we are going to wait a while to move forward with it.

Last night, with all the information we have at our fingertips, the board decided to postpone our opening season of Nuthin’ But A Will to March 2022. This comes on the heels of new guidance from Health Officials that would make our audience capacity go below a sustainable number for the amount of costs associated with such a large show. And furthermore, we want to give these stories their due, and go big when we finally get to tell them. Any cast member involved in the past year can tell you how badly Swamp Gravy wants a full house.

For those of you who auditioned for Nuthin’ But A Will, you will NOT have to audition again, but we will open up auditions to more people in March if needed. 

Now for the exciting part: 

We will be replacing this fall’s production with two shows: a brand-new production of Steel Magnolias at Cotton Hall that I will be taking the helm on, and Almost, Maine, which will be directed by none other than Kate Willis Cook! We will be sending out audition information for those ASAP, because they will be happening very soon! 

Unfortunately, because the shows are very different, we will be having a second set of auditions for these shows. Kate and I are working out the dates and times for these, and then will send those out to you ASAP via facebook and remind. We are also cooking up something for our younger cast to have a hand in creating, but the details on that will come later. 

Thank you for your patience while we pivot to ensure our doors stay open! Now… let’s get this new season kicked off with a bang!

Much love and more to come, 


P.S. Audition details will start showing up on the Upcoming Auditions page by tomorrow morning.

Nuthin’ but a will cast, Pt. 2

If you auditioned, please confirm your name is listed here. Even if I am waiting on a virtual audition from you. Send confirmation through the remind app.

Alida Ward

Allison Poitevint

Audrey Nichols

Averie Thornton

BJ Washington

Brianna Smith

Bridget Edison

Brook Phillips

Brooke Phillips

Buddy J Johnson

Cafell Crockett

Caleigh Murphy

Camden Washinton

Cecil Grant

Collin Cowart

Crystal Crozier

Debbie Eye Sloan

Derrick Cook

Elcie Tennant

Elsa Harrison

Gracie Harrell

Harlieanne Williams

Heather Harrell

Isabella Barnett

Jaleyah Finch

Jaycie Bleu Johnson

Jennifer Roland

Jess Washington

Julie Washington 

Kate Willis Cook

Kaydee Tennant

Landon Smith

Logan Cook

Louanna Crozier

Madison Wolfe

Mariah Coachman 

Mary Abigail Van Atta

Meredith Crawford

Micah Langdon

Mike Stuart

Mikey Washington

Misty Hayes

Movie Crockett

N’Mya Mitchell

Nan Stuart

Ollie Harrell

Peggy Sue Crozier

Preston Johnson

Reagan Bellflower

Reba-Lynn Moody

Reese Houston

Reid Washington

Richard Ward

Riley Forrest

Ryan Washington

Sabella Bloom Phillips

Sam Edison

Selena Chapman

Skylar Kent

Sutton Stuart

Tammy Lowe

Tammy Watford

Thayne Tennant

Theresa White

Todd Thornton 

Vicki Phillips

Zavian Baker

A Stone’s throw

A Stone’s Throw Rehearsal Videos

Below are the rehearsal videos. Please do not share as these are our very roughest attempts! Others will be added as they are uploaded:

Something Bout A River NEW:

Moonshiners 1: Faincy

Moonshiners 2: In Plain Sight

Moonshiners 3: Buried Sugar

Marry You One Day

Not Alone 1: Denial

Not Alone 2: Anger

Not Alone 3: Bargaining

Hide the Shine Music

Drop in the Water

Skinny Dippin’ Scene



Skinny DippinSong

Get Good

Good Old Days