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Hello everybody,

Thank you all so much for auditioning. This is going to be such a fun show. I cannot wait to see you all at rehearsal tonight at 6:00. I know it was frustrating to wait, but I wanted to be sure I gave this list and each of you the attention and care necessary to give the most people the best opportunities to grow as performers.

If you choose to decline your role, you MUST let us know as soon as possible. Disappearing and expecting us to know you are withdrawing is NOT acceptable and will be taken into consideration at future auditions.

Thank you all so much,

Will Murdock





Storyteller 1

Amelia Harrell


Storyteller 2

Madison Newberry


Storyteller 3

Anna Ryan Clements


Mama Ogre

Anna Kate Sherrer


Papa Ogre

Dylan Clenney


Little Ogre

Jess Washington



Markcus Cooper


Captain of the Guards

Zavian Baker



Jonathan Phillips


Big Bad Wolf

Christian Reichard


Pig 1

Ella Floyd


Pig 2

Reese Houston


Pig 3

Sarah Wasdin


Wicked Witch

Aaliyah McCoy


Peter Pan

Reid Washington


Ugly Duckling

Harlieanne Williams


Mama Bear

Anaja Mitchell


Papa Bear

Talvin Daniels


Baby Bear

Ryan Washington



Micah Langdon


Lord Farquaad

Sam Askew



Makani Mato-Toyela


Young Fiona

Louanna Crozier


Teen Fiona

Lauren Eubanks


Princess Fiona

Reagan Bellflower


Puss in Boots

Mac Hathorn/ Noah Bellflower


Knight 1

John Stewart


Knight 2

Nathan Floyd


Knight 3

Zavian Baker


Knight 4

Jackson Green



Jaycie Johnson


Pied Piper

Nathan Floyd



TBD Based on Costume Change Time



Jackson Green



Trace Josey



Nathan Floyd

Jackson Green


Fairy Tale Creatures

Zhyniah Baker (Fairy)

Amaria Williams (Mermaid)

Dylan Clenney (White Rabbit)

Aden Strickland (Mad Hatter)

Peggy Sue Crozier (Sugar Plum Fairy)

Selena Chapman (Three Blind Mice)

Haley Dykes (Three Blind Mice)

Harmony Harper (Three Blind Mice)

Haley Davis (Good Witch)

Jess Washington (Troll/ Elf)

Savanna Davis (Butterfly Fairy)


Storytellers AND Duloc Performers AND Woodland Creatures

Massee Claire Brooks

Katy Josey

Madison Still

Miley Still

Maddie Clenney

Temeriyah Evans

Lilly Davis

Riley Davis

Sabella Phillips

Danni Cowart

Karlyn Dennard

Averie Thornton

Ellie Smith

Hannah Cratic

Savannah Cratic

Madison Wolfe

Adyssen Langdon

Layla McNair

Charlie Brooks

Trace Josey

Mac Hathorn

Noah Bellflower

Amari Evans



Mac Hathorn/ Noah Bellflower