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Camp Murder 3.0

Hi everyone!

We are planning to bring back shows starting with Camp Murder. The show dates are March 19, 20, 21, 2021.

We will rehearse in masks, follow all the sanitizing protocols from Swamp Gravy, and social distance the blocking as much as possible. As you know, that does make the process tougher than we previously knew.

The rehearsals are spread over three weeks instead of two to make it less of a rush this year. But it will be really important not to miss any rehearsals, because it is still the same amount of hours rehearsed. And with the murder mysteries, the way the dialogue is so entwined, it’s really important you make it to rehearsals, so as not to put your other cast members in a bind.

Please consider these new dates and the stressors you might be dealing with outside of Cotton Hall: school, new work requirements, general stress about the state of the world, etc. and let me know by Monday if you still are available to do the show and capable of attending all rehearsals. I’m trying to see if we need a second set of auditions. And keep in mind, we may shuffle around roles if needed.

If you cannot or do not want to continue with this particular production any longer, I understand and there will be no hard feelings. It’s been a winding road, and we will catch you next time! 

Please do the following:

1. Review the schedule below.
2. Submit the RETURN form below.
3. add yourself to the remind.

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Hi guys! 

For the foreseeable future, we will still be limiting our audience to 92 patrons per show, and keeping the cast sizes smaller. We understand that some of you are roaring to get back on stage right now, and that some of you would prefer more time. In either case, I understand. 

What I want to do now is detail how this season will be different, so that you have all the information you need in order to know if you’d like to audition. 

  • During all rehearsal’s cast members will have assigned seats. At the first rehearsal, you will be assigned a seat number in the theater that you go to as soon as you arrive in the building. This is where you will put your jacket, purse, water bottle etc. This is an effort to limit any germ spread. 
  • Masks will be worn at all rehearsals for the duration of rehearsal. Our first performance without masks will be our dress rehearsal. 
  • We will block the show to include as much distance as possible. The show was written with this in mind, but there are some important moments of touch. 
  • We ask that cast members monitor their temperatures from day to day, and take note of any changes that might indicate sickness. 
  • While in most years, being at every rehearsal is considered vital to the team, we need to make sure that everyone realizes that this year, staying home if you are sick is the best way to ensure the safety of others AND the continued life of Swamp Gravy. I would rather you be overly cautious in missing a rehearsal than for you to assume you are well without knowing for sure. 
  • We will be choosing a member of each scene to act as our “Safety Patrol.” Their job will be to remind us—myself and Collin included—of the protocols we are operating under. I realize how easy it is to get comfortable and lax around people you are sharing space with, and we will need to remind each other of this. 
  • There will be no dressing areas in Cotton Hall. Everyone must arrive at Cotton Hall in costume, hair, and make-up. No make-up should be shared. We will not have shared costume pieces, either, if they are not EASILY disinfected. 
  • The costume area will not be accessible without an appointment.
  • Prior to the show, the cast will convene in InterACT. There will be no tables or chairs in the commons area, so this is where we will circle. We will ask for help from all cast members with the following jobs. These will be assigned and we will need to do a training day for this.
    • Ushering
    • House Managing
    • Lobby Ushering—Guiding people toward the bathroom and concession stand. 
    • Disinfecting the theater and bathrooms between shows.
    • Placing programs on the seats before the performance.
    • Greeting audience members
  • During intermission we will have live music on stage to encourage audience members to stay in their seats unless they need concessions or to use the restroom. Cast members will have assigned areas during intermission to limit movement through the building.
  • In blocking the show, positions for dressing the stage will need to be more spaced out and assigned.
  • Only designated workers will be allowed at the concession stand. The museum and giftshop will not be open in their current state.


  • For the Fall Season, most roles will NOT be double cast. This is in an effort to limit the number of people who come in contact with one another in Cotton Hall. 
  • After each performance, you will bow and immediately leave the building, we will have two people at each door to ensure the audience feels spoken to, but we will be unable to greet and speak to audience members. If you have family here that night, we recommend you choose a place in town to meet them after the show to say hello and let them shower you with compliments for your brilliant performance.
  • We will not be able to move mics from cast to cast during the performance, so volume will be vital in your auditions this year.
  • Mics will be disinfected after every show. 
  • Backstage movements will have to be as choreographed as onstage ones to ensure appropriate space.
  • Our circles will not involve touch until further notice. Cast members should not hug as a greeting. 
  • There will be no group singing in this production. Music will be very differently distributed, and those singers will sing their assigned parts each night, barring a conflict.
  • Cast meals will be individually boxed, and eaten at InterACT (TBD.)
  • If you are sick, not feeling well, feverish, find out you have been exposed to someone with Covid-19, do not come to Cotton Hall. Alert Will and Collin as soon as you know so that swift measures can be taken to cover you and notify others if needed. 
  • If you have been exposed to Covid-19, you must let us know. You will need to quarantine for fourteen days. If you have a positive test result, you may not return to rehearsals or performances for ten days. At least two of those days must be symptom and fever free. We will utilize video and FaceTime to keep you up to date on blocking or choreo.

Rehearsal Videos

Below are the rehearsal videos. Please do not share as these are our very roughest attempts! Others will be added as they are uploaded:

Something Bout A River NEW:

Moonshiners 1: Faincy

Moonshiners 2: In Plain Sight

Moonshiners 3: Buried Sugar

Marry You One Day

Not Alone 1: Denial

Not Alone 2: Anger

Not Alone 3: Bargaining

Hide the Shine Music

Drop in the Water

Skinny Dippin’ Scene


Skinny DippinSong

Get Good

Good Old Days