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FOOTLOOSE Ensemble Groups (Updated March 14)

(Hello, all. Below is the updated Ensemble Groups Breakdown. Things to keep in mind:

  • Everyone in the cast other than the Choir, Reverend Moore, Ariel, Vi, and Willard should be in either the “CHICAGO GROUP” or the “CHURCH GROUP.”
  • Most teenage cast members are in the “GYM STUDENTS” group, those who aren’t are part of the “ADDITIONAL CHOIR” for that song. 
  • All teenage cast members are in the “PROM” group. 

 If you notice an inconsistency, please feel free to reach out to me, so that I can fix any mistake.



  1. Ben Sasser
  2. Taylor Sasser
  3. Jana Clenney
  4. Amelia Harrell
  5. Heather Grebel
  6. Betty Murdock
  7. Vicki Phillips
  8. Kelli Searcy
  9. Coach Dunbar
  10. Cathy Green (As Eleanor)



  1. Macy Middleton
  2. Nikeria Key
  3. DeQuavia Huntley
  4. Tammy Lowe (As Principal)
  5. Dylan Clenney
  6. Breanna Crozier
  7. Will Wiley
  8. Amaria Williams (As Urleen)
  9. Shelby Lane (As Rusty)
  10. Reagan Bellflower (As Wendy Jo)
  11. Richard Ward (As Wes)
  12. Rawls Grimsley (As Ren)
  13. Nan Stuart (As Ethel)
  14. Jessica Reichard (As Lulu)
  15. Sutton Stuart
  16. Jamie Worsley
  17. Kirstyn Green (As Travis)
  18. Talvin Daniels (Lyle)
  19. Josh Lane (Chuck)




  1. Dani Parker
  2. Kelli Searcy
  3. Abby Cloud
  4. Dani Kent
  5. Rachel Rentz
  6. Lacey Harrell
  7. Isaiah Langdon
  8. Thomas Mitchell
  9. Jackson Green
  10. Talvin Daniels
  11. Sarah-Michael Farrington
  12. Michaelia Crawford
  13. Jamie Worsley
  14. Sutton Stuart
  15. Grace Henley
  16. Jaycie Johnson
  17. Kirstyn Green



  1. Betty Murdock
  2. Vicki Phillips
  3. Jessica Reichard
  4. Taylor Sasser
  5. Heather Grebel
  6. Ben Sasser
  7. Abby Cloud
  8. Grace Henley
  9. Sutton Stuart
  10. Thomas Mitchell



  1. Dani Parker
  2. Abby Cloud
  3. Rachael Rentz
  4. Lacey Harrell
  5. Isaiah Langdon
  6. Thomas Mitchell
  7. Jackson Green
  8. Talvin Daniels
  9. Sarah-Michael Farrington
  10. Michaelia Crawford
  11. Jaycie Johnson
  12. Kirstyn Green
  13. Macey Middleton
  14. Nikeria Key
  15. DeQuavia Huntley
  16. Dylan Clenney
  17. Breanna Crozier
  18. Amaria Williams
  19. Shelby Lane
  20. Reagan Bellflower
  21. Riley Still
  22. Rawls Grimsley
  23. Anna Reichard
  24. Sutton Stuart
  25. Jamie Worsley



  1. Dani Kent
  2. Grace Henley



  1. Jana Clenney
  2. Heather Grebel
  3. Taylor Sasser
  4. Jessica Reichard
  5. Richard Ward



  1. Ben Sasser
  2. Betty Murdock
  3. Vicki Phillip



  1. Dani Parker
  2. Abby Cloud
  3. Dani Kent
  4. Rachael Rentz
  5. Lacey Harrell
  6. Isaiah Langdon
  7. Thomas Mitchell
  8. Jackson Green
  9. Talvin Daniels
  10. Sarah-Michael Farrington
  11. Michaelia Crawford
  12. Sutton Stuart
  13. Grace Anne Henley
  14. Jaycie Johnson
  15. Kirstyn Green
  16. Macey Middleton
  17. Nikeria Key
  18. DeQuavia Huntley
  19. Dylan Clenney
  20. Breanna Crozier
  21. Jamie Worsley
  22. Amaria Williams
  23. Shelby Lane
  24. Reagan Bellflower
  25. Riley Still
  26. Rawls Grimsley
  27. Anna Reichard
  28. Josh Lane


Bob’s Band Members

  1. Sarah-Michael Farrington
  2. Dani Kent
  3. Rachael Rentz
  4. Lacey Harrell



Hey guys,

Wow! Thank you all so much for trying out! If you count all the names on the list below, you’ll find a grand total of 73! That’s a lot of people for one show, but we were able to fit everyone who auditioned.

We hope you understand that there are so many factors involved in figuring out the unique puzzle that is each cast list. If you did not receive the part that you were hoping for, please don’t be discouraged. It takes every piece to make the puzzle whole.

We hope you are as excited as we are to tell this story. See you all this summer!

Thanks so much,



P.S. Sorry this is so late in the day. We had a performance of Swamp Gravy: Home tonight! If you’ve never seen a show in Cotton Hall, be sure to join us in the next two weekends at Home to see the unusual (and awesome) stage we’ll be working on for Beauty.



Beauty and the Beast 2017

Cast List



Anna Kate Sherrer

Jaycie Johnson

Kirstyn Green

Skyla Turner


Belle: Shelby Lane


LeFou: Jonathan Phillips


Gaston: Will Cobb


Silly Girl 1: Lacey Harrell


Silly Girl 2: Zhyniah Baker


Silly Girl 3: Harley Shiver


Silly Girl 4: Reese Houston



Maurice: Tyner Cobb


Cogsworth: Riley Still


Lumiere: Anna Reichard


Babette: Maddie Frith


Mrs. Potts: Grace Anne Henley


Chip: Alajah Moore


Beast: Talvin Daniels


Madame De La Grande Bouche: Jamie Worsley


(THE FOLLOWING CHARACTERS will be featured in

the songs “Belle,” “Gaston” and “The Mob Song.”)


Aristocratic Lady:

Reagan Bellflower


Fish Man:

Dallon Heard


Egg Man:

Michael Brown


Sausage Curl Girl:

Dani Kent



Thomas Mitchell


Candle Man:

Judson Thomas


Hat Seller:

Sydney Thomas



Ella Floyd


Shepard Boy:

Dylan Clenney


Lady with Cane:

Lizzie Horne



Christian Reichard


Lady with Baby:

Anaja Mitchell



Jackson Green


Villager 1:

Freya Griffin


Villager 2:

Amelia Harrell


Villager 3:

Mahanna Mercer



Terrell Houston

Sutton Stuart

Mattie Winburn


Monsieur D’Arque:

Aden Strickland


Male Villager (Mob Solo):

Markcus Cooper


Female Villager (Mob Solo):

Makasha Mato Toyeou



(THE FOLLOWING CHARACTERS will be featured in

the songs “Be Our Guest” as well as “The Battle.”)



(Spoons, Forks, Napkins, Etc.)


Avery Thornton

Dallis Thompson

Drew Thompson

Elijah Mason

Emma Harrell

Hannah Cratic

Harlieanne Williams

Jaden Hodges

Karlyn Dennard

Landon Thompson

Lanie Gay

Lauren Eubanks

Layla Freeman

Layla McNair

Levi Werner

Lola Linnenkohl

Lollie Gay

Maddie Clenney

Madison Still

Maeleigh Wells

Maizie Werner

Miley Still

Mindy Shattles

Noah Bellflower

Olivia Harrell

Raven Jackson

Reagan Delanoy

Samya Williams

Sarah Wasdin

Sophie Ard

Summer Smith

Sutton Smith



Order In The Court Cast 2015

Join the cast of Swamp Gravy!

Auditions for Swamp Gravy’s fall season happen in August, so check back here for more information as it becomes available. Typically in the Spring, we do not hold auditions, but new cast members are allowed to join in an ensemble capacity, unless other roles have become available. No experience is necessary, and all ages are welcome, though children under 18 need a parent or guardian to fill out their paperwork, and children under 12 are encouraged to have an adult with them for all rehearsals and performances (these adults can be in the cast or volunteer in other ways).

Parts in Swamp Gravy are double- and sometimes triple-cast, which mean each part has 2 or 3 actors playing the role, and they alternate performances.

Ensemble parts are available – you can have the fun of being a part of the cast, without the stress of trying to remember any lines! Ensemble cast members are required to know all group songs and choreography, and may be given non-speaking actions to fulfill during the show.

Singing is not required for the audition, though those interested in potential solos are welcome to sing. Singing solos are assigned at the sole discretion of the Director and Music Director.


We would like to extend our special thanks to https://www.carstickers.com for their generous support of non-profit organizations.