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Groups of 20 or more can book a reservation for a group at any time. We require no deposit to reserve seats while you finalize your group. Final payment and guest numbers will be due:

For Swamp Gravy, there is a group rate of $20 tickets for groups of 20 or more.

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Because you don’t have to pay up front, you can mail in a check payment or use a credit card over the phone.

By booking earlier, you have a better chance of seating your entire group together, in the best seats possible. Lower rows, handicapped-accessible seating, and 2 PM Saturday matinees tend to fill up fast, so book early to reserve the best seats! This is where our flexible scheduling comes in handy – you don’t need to know an exact number to go ahead and book your group, just tell us how many you think you’ll have, and we can adjust later.