Group Tickets

To make a group ticket reservation, please call 1-229-758-5450 or submit the form at the bottom of this page.

For our purposes, a “group” consists of 20 or more patrons.

Groups receive the following benefits:

FLEXIBLE SCHEDULING: You can book a group at any time, and then you have until 45 days out from your chosen performance to make changes to your order: add seats, reduce the number of seats, or cancel altogether. We require no deposit, and your final payment is not due until that 45-day mark.


FLEXIBLE PAYMENT: Because you don’t have to pay up front, you have the option of not using a credit card as is required when you go online or through the Etix call center. You can mail in a check payment, or even stop by with a cash payment if you so choose.


DISCOUNTS: For our flagship production, SWAMP GRAVY, we offer a $2 per ticket discount for groups of 20 or more. While there is no group discount for our MAY-HAW or Youth productions, we do provide a complimentary ticket per 20 guests for all Cotton Hall productions (i.e., 1 complimentary ticket for 20 guests, 2 for 40 guests, 3 for 60 guests, and so on).


CHOICE SEATING: By booking earlier, you have a better chance of seating your entire group together, in the best seats possible. Lower rows, handicapped-accessible seating, and 2PM Saturday Matinees tend to fill up fast, so book early to reserve the best seats! This is where our flexible scheduling comes in handy – you don’t need to know an exact number to go ahead and book your group, just tell us how many you think you’ll have, and we can adjust later.

If you would like to make a group reservation, please call 229-758-5450 or fill out the form below (please note the performance you’d like to attend in the Comments field):

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