One thought on “Our Sponsors

  1. I had heard about Swamp Gravy for a while. One week-end, we decided to l beachesmake the trip from Bristol, Florida. You might ask,’Where is Bristol?” It is half way between Tallahassee, Florida and Panama City, Florida. Our choice to visit ‘the world’s most beautiful beaches or to visit our State Capitol and do a little shopping while in Tallahassee. so, we came to Colquitt, 1Georgia, happen to stay at the Tarrot, ate at the Tarrot Inn and have been ‘hooked’ on Swamp Gravy ever since. We returned for the MayHaw Christmas, havn’t had any regrets yet. If one ever attends the first show, well you will certainly be there for more. Never have I seen as much talent as appears in Colquitt-Miller County Arts County Arts shows. The acting was really good and of course, hillarious. You are some fortunate folks to have such talent in you and displaying it for One Worthy Purpose.I enjoyed it so much that it will be a reoccuring event for me.I take my hat off to ‘y’all.’ Thanks, Olivia.J. Whitfield

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