Aladdin, Jr Cast List

Hi guys! Thank you so much for auditioning. We had lots of great talent, and I am very excited to get started. Our first rehearsal will be in May, so be on the lookout for more information about the schedule towards the end of APRIL. Please be sure to remember Aladdin, Jr. as you schedule your summer, as you were cast based on the conflicts you listed on your audition sheet. As new conflicts arise, please be sure to let us know.

As we still have a few outstanding Production Staff Applications, we won’t be posting that list until later in the week. Thanks for your patience.

Aladdin, Jr. Cast List

Narrator 1– Markcus Cooper

Narrator 2– Reagan Bellflower

Narrator 3– Dylan Clenney

Narrator 4– Anna Reichard

Narrator 5– Jamie Worsley

Aladdin– Rawls Grimsley

Jasmine– Maddie Frith

Genie– Riley Forrest

Sultan– Talvin Daniels

Razoul– Christian Reichard

Guard 1– Aden Strickland

Guard 2– Jackson Green

Iago– Andrew Winkler

Jafar– Will Cobb

Magic Carpet- Isaiah Langdon

Prince Baba of Ganoush– Riley Still

Prince Dahdú Rahn-Rahn- Terrell Houston

Prince Formerly Known as the Artist– Levi Werner

Matron– Abby Cloud

Harem Girl/ Jasmine Attendant- Kirstyn Green

Harem Girl/ Jasmine Attendant- Lacey Harrell 

Harem Girl/ Jasmine Attendant- Shelby Lane

Harem Girl/ Jasmine Attendant- Skyla Turner

Girl (“Rather Tasty” Solo)– Marci Warren

Baker– Mahanna Mercer

Townsperson 1– Reese Houston


Chloe Ard

Sophie Ard

Maddie Clenney

Ella Floyd

Amelia Harrell

Jaden Hodges

Rylee Hill

Maggie Joiner

Lola Linnenkohl

Summer Smith

Kaydee Tennant

Thayne Tennant

Landon Thompson

Chase Trawick

Mazie Werner

Cannon Jo Wiley

Thornton West

Harlieanne Williams

Abby Cloud

Kirstyn Green

Lacey Harrell

Reese Houston

Terrell Houston

Shelby Lane

Mahanna Mercer

Riley Still

Skyla Turner

Marci Warren

Levi Werner

Prince Ali Solo 1– Ella Floyd

Prince Ali Solo 2– Landon Thompson, Harlieanne Williams

Prince Ali Solo 3– Chloe Ard, Jaden Hodges, Maggie Joiner